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Meet The Founder


Ana Calina

A Short Message 

I decided to make this website to help my home community in a time when I believe everyone should come together to help fight a common enemy - the Covid-19 virus. In this crucial time, when entire countries are isolating and medics are working harder than ever to help those infected, any form of help is welcomed and can make a significant difference in minimising the impact this virus will have on our community. Being in self-isolation myself, I wondered what I could possibly do to help this situation, specifically in my home country, Romania, where the medical system is not as developed compared to other European countries. With this charity, the funds raised will go directly to Grigore Alexandrescu, the largest children's hospital in Bucharest, in order to ensure that medics are properly equipped to help all children infected.


Therefore, I urge everyone to donate to allow medics to continue fighting against this virus and protect our future generation. Even the smallest amount can make a difference! 

Hi, my name is Ana Calina. I was born in Romania and lived there for 16 years before deciding to move to London for my final two years of high school. With the current situation caused by the Covid-19 virus, I have returned to Romania to be with my family and have become increasingly informed about the obstacles that my home country is currently facing in trying to fight against this virus.   

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